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The end, formally

This is the last post I’ll ever make on this blog. I’ve cleaned it up, made it presentable, deleted all the pointless, inaccurate or stupid posts. Turned it into a memorial, pretty much. Only kept the things people still link … Continue reading

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Fixing natural scrolling in Ubuntu 12.04

Update, September 2016: Seeing as basically every desktop environment has had a working reverse scroll option for years now, this post is defunct. Leaving it up in case you’re still rocking CentOS 6 or something. If you’re having trouble with … Continue reading

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Mini-HOWTO: replace MIUI’s search with Google Search

Update, September 2016: I’m not sure this is still relevant, or why it’s getting so many hits. It was written nearly five years ago. If you’re on a modern build of MIUI and search is broken, chances are this isn’t … Continue reading

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Bored with your music collection?

Update, September 2016: This article has been tl;dr-ified for your convenience. And my sanity. See this man page before attempting, but this is the 10-second version: streamripper -a -A -s -M 1200 –xs-none That tells streamripper to start ripping … Continue reading

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The one-line method of getting natural scrolling in Linux

Update, September 2016: This should pretty much always work with standard mice (well, either that or I’m seriously out of touch). It will generally not work with properly configured touchpads. See this post if you’re using a touchpad. Nowadays, this … Continue reading

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Get OS X’s natural scrolling in Windows

Update, September 2016: Short version: HTG article, NaturalScrolling.exe, possibly obsolete Linux version.

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Unlocking the Huawei E172 on Linux

Update, September 2016: This post has been slightly shortened. I would also like to add that it’s over five years old now and newer dongles probably use less braindead SIM lock systems. Before going through this procedure: See Neil McPhail’s … Continue reading

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Mac OS 6.0.8 on a DS

Update, September 2016: This guide is a mess, but I’m leaving it here for historical reasons. Prerequisites. Obviously, you need a Nintendo DS capable of running homebrew (via a flashcart + SD card; the flashcart must support .nds files) and … Continue reading

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Fix USB boot error in Arch Linux

Update, September 2016: I’m leaving a tl;dr-ified version of the article up, but please note that I have no idea whether this procedure still works. Or whether it’s still relevant. You might encounter a strange error message when trying to … Continue reading

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Quick HOWTO: Remove GNOME from a Debian install.

Update, September 2016: This probably still works, though I don’t recommend it. This is basically the apt-get equivalent of a nuclear strike. sudo apt-get autoremove –purge ‘gnome*’

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Hello, blog.

Welcome to my humble corner of the Internet. Here, I’ll probably be posting my success and failure stories regarding Ubuntu, various applications, bugs and, of course, making USB HSPA modems work with 10-year-old laptops.

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