The end, formally

This is the last post I’ll ever make on this blog.

I’ve cleaned it up, made it presentable, deleted all the pointless, inaccurate or stupid posts. Turned it into a memorial, pretty much. Only kept the things people still link to.

I don’t know how this is still getting 30+ views a day. Or why it has followers, of all things. On the off chance anyone sees this post pop up in their notification queue or something, sorry! It’s not an update, it’s a tombstone.

Here’s a comprehensive index of everything left:

I didn’t bother to save any screenshots of the myriad Linux setups I’ve used over the years. Sorry. But since nobody ever came here for them, it must not be too much of a loss.

Please don’t post comments. Auto-approval is off, so they’ll just be stuck in the moderation queue for all of eternity. Or until Automattic goes bankrupt, anyway.

So, that’s about it, kids! Remember to be nice, wash behind your ears, and never ever start a blog if you’re under 18. You’ll regret it later.

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