Bored with your music collection?

Update, September 2016:
This article has been tl;dr-ified for your convenience. And my sanity.

See this man page before attempting, but this is the 10-second version:

streamripper -a -A -s -M 1200 --xs-none

That tells streamripper to start ripping from the specified Shoutcast stream, storing the ripped contents in a single file (-a) without creating directories, trying to split everything into separate tracks or searching for silent spots (-A -s –xs-none) until it rips 1200 MB worth of music (-M 1200). You may want to skip the -a, -A and -s options if you’re using an old-fashioned player. Seeking through a 14-hour file is no fun.

The stream URL was lifted from’s 192k playlist file. If you’re not from Europe, you might want to pick another one.

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