Taking Puppeee out for a walk

You might have heard about Puppy Linux, a really nice lightweight Linux distro for older PCs and netbooks. A couple of days ago I decided to leave the ProBook for a while, take the Eee PC (a 701) out of the closet and install the latest version of Puppeee on it.

Installing didn’t exactly go as planned (because of a leftover install of GRUB), but I managed to get a fully working system after two tries. The default browser is Chrome 5: old version, AdBlock is incompatible with it and it doesn’t even display pages properly on the Eee’s small screen, so I installed Seamonkey, NetSurf and trusty old links. I’m posting from Seamonkey right now, but I think I’ll switch to a blogging tool like Charm because WordPress’ web interface looks like it’s designed for 1920×1080 screens, not 800×480 ones. The fonts have to be reduced to something unreadable to be able to properly write a post.

All in all, I recommend Puppeee for netbooks and regular Puppy for everyone who has a relatively old PC that Ubuntu can’t properly run on. My only complaint about Puppy (actually, about most distros nowadays) is that it’s getting more and more bloated with every new version: the last one that would properly boot, run and be usable on my Gericom laptop (a 2000-ish Celeron) was 4.1.2. Also, I really hated the Pwidgets thing in 4.2.

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