Boredom strikes again…

The first week of school is over and I’m now trying to relax by listening to Afterhours (on my modded radio/CD/cassette player :D) and surfing the Web. Of course, PulseAudio is being a bastard, randomly killing music playback now and then, but that’s easily fixed by switching to ALSA.

Ubuntu works pretty well for now, though. Probably the biggest problem I now have is with Firefox. I installed the “Virus Scanner” app from USC to test it, and a day later I realized that Firefox now only offered to open downloaded files with it or save them. No Evince, no File Roller, no OpenOffice. I then deleted it, but FF only offers to save all files now. It’s annoying when I need to quickly open a PDF or archive. If I wanted to save them, I would have used Chrome🙄

But alas, I’m getting bored again. Really, really bad for my laptop😀

So now I’m wondering: should I keep Ubuntu, or give Debian a shot again? After all, I did fix the framebuffer problem. Or maybe LMDE, which, by the way, K.Mandla recently praised?

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