The fourth Debian is (probably) lucky

So today I had this great idea. I’m going to scrape the Xubuntu (with bits and pieces of GNOME and KDE) install and put Debian Squeeze on there instead. Yes, I failed here before, but this time I actually have a plan (unbelievable! :roll:).

Now, here’s what I’ll do:

  1. Standard installation of Debian Squeeze base (the one I did before).
  2. Use Keryx to get a minimal install of IceWM, plus NetworkManager and modemmanager (for the ZTE).
  3. Connect to the Internet via my ZTE modem using NetworkManager.
  4. Use the instructions here to download and install the Broadcom driver.
  5. Set up that ugly framebuffer to look good in widescreen. As detailed here, I guess.

And then, provided it works, I’ll configure IceWM to look like Windows 2000, as K.Mandla detailed here.😈

2 Comments on “The fourth Debian is (probably) lucky”

  1. Naxiz says:

    Did you manage to get the WiFi working?

    • Andy C. says:

      This is a really old post, from back when I used Broadcom’s sucky driver. I’ve since migrated to using b43 – and wrote a complete guide about it, check the “Projects” page.

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